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COBOL — The Hottest Programming Language Out There

May 03, 2020

8 minutes

COBOL is the past, present, and future.

x86 101

May 16, 2019

20 minutes

A crash course on x86 to make it less scary.

Markdown Support Test

May 31, 2018

7 minutes

Markdown: SyntaxMarkdown: SyntaxOverviewPhilosophyBlock ElementsParagraphs and Line BreaksHeadersBlockquotesListsCode BlocksSpan ElementsLinksEmphasisCodeNote: This document is itself written using Markdown; you can see the source for it by adding…

The Unofficial Official First Post

May 28, 2018

1 minute

This seems like a pretty cool post, of course written haphazardly in the middle of the night. Writing posts in Markdown beats plain HTML, but this still needs automation.The block above is used as a which allows to convert the metadata and the…