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Clickjacking Using Iframes: A Case Study

July 12, 2020

9 minutes

What is it?Having been around since 2002, Clickjacking or "UI redressing" is a technique that utilizes multiple opaque or transparent layers, usually iframes, to trick users into clicking buttons or entering information without any malicious intent…


COBOL — The Hottest Programming Language Out There

May 03, 2020

8 minutes

Hey you.Do you wanna be a software engineer?Do you wanna work with one of the most in-demand and bleeding-edge technologies out there?Do you wanna create lots of POSITIVE IMPACT and SOCIAL CHANGE?Do you wanna live life in the fast lane?Well, I got…


seattle. rain. corona.

April 12, 2020

4 minutes

👋 hey's been a while. there have been a serious lack of posts the past ~7 months and I hope to change that.a lot has happened in the past few months: Australian wildfires, Iran, uncertain political climate, tumbling markets, and of course…


i was wrong about startup meetups

August 29, 2019

6 minutes

It's July. You've done a lot of the touristy and fun things in Seattle where you are now sitting on your bed, scrolling through the Amazon slack to find stuff to do.You stop at "Entrepreneurial Intern Event @ Pioneer Square Labs" and think, this is…


why medium needs markdown

July 04, 2019

9 minutes

After making a substantial amount of edits for my last post which totaled 3 months of on and off work, I thought that it would be the perfect time to finally post it on Medium. Medium has always been the one place where many go to read posts about…


x86 101

May 16, 2019

20 minutes

So, you want to learn x86? Well, you've come to the right place!PS: Please excuse the poor drawings. I did my best only having a trackpad for drawing.Table of ContentsThis is by no means an exhaustive guide for all there is to know for x86, but…


here in my garage

February 23, 2019

5 minutes

Does that title sound familiar?This video might jog your memoryIf you've ever been on YouTube, chances are that you have seen some "affluencers" try to pitch you their "get rich quick" scheme in the first 5 seconds before you skip the ad. It's…



February 01, 2019

3 minutes

So, here we go. After months of delaying this blog, I finally decided to put on my big boy pants to actually get started. Even though this is the last day of break at the time I'm writing this, I still consider it a personal win that I even…

first postabout

Markdown Support Test

May 31, 2018

7 minutes

Markdown: SyntaxMarkdown: SyntaxOverviewPhilosophyBlock ElementsParagraphs and Line BreaksHeadersBlockquotesListsCode BlocksSpan ElementsLinksEmphasisCodeNote: This document is itself written using Markdown; you can see the source for it by adding…


The Unofficial Official First Post

May 28, 2018

1 minute

This seems like a pretty cool post, of course written haphazardly in the middle of the night. Writing posts in Markdown beats plain HTML, but this still needs automation.The block above is used as a which allows to convert the metadata and the…